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It is Malawi's 1st independent radio station, dedicated to playing 101% pure music and sporting events from across the world. Breaking the barriers to offer listeners and advertisers an alternative radio station, Power 101 transmits the purest and hottest tunes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Our commitment and knowledge of music will assist in developing our core audience of 15 - 35 years old thus becoming the most influential radio station in Malawi. Power 101 is more than just a radio station, it is an integral part of Malawian lifestyle with the Latest Music, up to date Local and International News, informative interviews on health, education and business features, as well as exciting entertainment and sports coverage and news.

Apart from broadcasting, FM 101 Power is also involved in community projects such as supporting Street Kids and Orphanage Care Centres, promoting sports activities among the youth and various HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns. Power 101 is Malawi's answer to reaching it's youth culture.
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